The Product of 4.6 Billion Years


4.603 billion years ago,

And half of a lifetime to still go.

Knowing I will end the very life I bring.

Priveleged in learnings, as I observe an entire world each day, many kilometres away.

From a perspective that no human will ever understand.

So how do I teach the world existence in a cap of Instagram characters?

Let’s give it a shot.

It takes a hundred thousand years for me to create light so you could exist.

Only eight minutes and twenty seconds for it to reach you unconditionally.

An entire world crafted by my firey development,

As I contribute towards 8.7 million species, collectively.

I then take note of people,
my living reflections.

Attachment to everything around them.

If I attach, I destroy… As I crave being closer to my creations.

And so attachment cannot exist, not until the very end of my cycle,

And a giant red dwarf I’ll become, as I engulf and move closer to what I want.

Shedding fiery flames from my version of sockets as I witness my baby burn in destruction.

I have come to learn loneliness, in that I’ve been granted perception.

To perceive what matters and what does not, and humans are stuck with the not.

I see it every single day.

For nothing belongs to them as they out-sun the planets inside their loved ones, who rotate around them daily.

Having falsely believed that the world’s elements are awaiting ownership, when really people exist to just experience.

Nothing more and nothing less.

They are Instruments to a cycle, expressed for everyone.

4 billion years and I’m now a teacher of time.

I let go of the idea of attachment, so that life around me can continue on.

And in the beauty of this, 4.54 billion years of evolution this earth has witnessed.

All that, because I let go of the need to attach a meaning.

My burning desire is to see humans become billions of years old from a single post.

To note that life is beyond labelled illnesses, and social constructions.

For if I can be at peace alone for so long, I can witness an entire world go round while many art forms evolve.

As I marvel at them all, every day, until the day that I’m done.

– The Sun