A Scar of Innocence


My beauty born in shallow waters.

My beauty born now teared apart.

Innocence reflects my maker.

Innocent until he proves me not.

I’ve been feminised on the surface to avoid the chaos under my atmosphere.

Thousands of volcanoes spread across my pores.

A covet of clouds to hide my blemishes.

Sulphuric poison to mask the harshness within.

And when my heart breaks, I unleash tears more devasting than hurricanes.

But you do not need to see that…

My acid containment so thick, that you would never notice.

So thick, that I could match the deepest depth of your seas.

Under pressures you could not withstand.

My feelings so deep, I would crush life without having to barely do a thing.

I’m a molten ball of damage, too hot to handle.

With sure fire, such passion, such expression, I’m the hottest planet on an axis.

But do I dare share the possibility?

That I was not always like this?

This is my journal, my story… Perhaps it’s time to see what was?

715 million years ago, yes… there was a time.. I remember..

I was slightly cooler than my adored sister next door.

I’m trying to recall..

Yes… I too was at peace, a hospitable land, harbouring sentient possibilities.

I see now…

I had purpose.

My shallow tears, free to express.

Flow and water instead of rage and lava.

My purpose snuffed before me, oh so long ago.

When did I become what I am now?

Is there a possibility that I could still return to what once was?

High above my makeup?

I’m too scared to check, too scared to take it off…

The rest of the solar system sees me for my beauty.

I reflect a glow so gradient, that I AM the centre of attention.


Who cares.

For when they look up, I am the marvel they see, the marvel they wonder, the marvel they dream of.

I am forever, and I am right on the side.

Why heal what has made me become better?

Let the passing thought of what was, be just that, a passing thought.

For I am Venus and my mask, my beauty. My chaos, my weapon.

I don’t need life to be fulfilled.

For the past can remain a theory, and I will end anyone who tries to get under my skin.

Marvel me from a far, that’s all you need to do, that is all my purpose will ever need to be.