Woo Your Mind


Let me woo your mind with linguistic art,

Without the side effects of drugs.

Let me satiate your mind’s pallete with a duet of literature written and read.

Let me show you a world that is yours,

taking two to tango right here and now.

Where, our words together,
with a few seconds of stillness,
fuse through chemical reaction.

Let me expose the deep desire arisen by our innate ability to express with each other and to wonder beyond the mundane and chaotic deconstruction that pulls us apart.

Let me elevate your burden of distraction by dipping into your serotonin and allowing you to shed from your eyes, as you secrete tears like wings, forgetting all that there ever is.

Let me do all this for you via our thirty seconds of escapism.

Better than any drug I could ever give.

You’re welcome. ❤️

– Let Me Woo Your Mind