Where Did You Go?


Where did you go?

When you laughed at my dorky jokes.

When we shared our ambitions,

As I highlighted your beauty,

And the effort that went into it.

Where did you go?

When we locked eyes closely,

Unconsciously uncovering each other’s curiosities.

Where no words could express the rapid poundings happening inside of us,

Swelled with excitement and nervousness,

As metres turned to inches.

Where did you go?

When my breathe hit your lips.

When my hair stroked your cheek.

And your neck met my kiss.

Where did you go?

When I hovered down your chest.

When my hands grasped your back,

And our bodies danced.

Where did you go?

As I explored your mid-section,

Felt your pelvis leverage upwards,

And your legs started spreading.

Where did you go?

As I made my way down your thighs,

And our bodies rhythmical in motion.

As my mouth inched inquisitively,

To the sounds of your moaning signals.

Where did you go?

When your hands ran through my hair,

As your arms reached perfect lengths.

Grabbing just enough,

So you could control what happens next.

Where did you go?

When the rhythm heightened,

And your vocals widened.

When pressure met perfection,

And that climatic entrance commences.

Where did you go?

When I released all of my sighs,

In a whirlpool of highs,

Obsessed with what you tasted like,

Distant begging to not let it be nigh.

Tell me..

Where did you go?

When your body tightened,

And in that moment, the most feminine energy had touched me.

All that euphoria filling your cellular entity.

Releasing breathes I’ve never heard you make before.

The marveled wonder that followed,

As I watch you leave this realm into something words could never do justice.

Satiated in your platonic satisfaction.

– Where Did You Go?