Ultimate Encore


One day… I’ll be speaking in front of thousands…

I will be asked “How hard did you have to work?”

And I will reply “Not very.” ..

My mind will speed-run quicker than time.

One broken heart to grow yourself.

Loneliness to discover connection.

Death to identify love.

Slavery to encounter free will.

Distance to find wholesome.

Rule-breaking to embody magic.

I’ll share how my thoughts becomes instant as doubt cease to exist.

I’ll remember everything I went through to unravel what didn’t matter.

And when the audience claps,
I will sit with expansion..

As the noise fades out,
a galaxy will be born..

as the claps slow down,
that galaxy will grow..

And you will find me not physically present..
but deep inside the lights that now beam back on me.

I will watch dark and light matter join elegantly in ritual,

as explosions of colour form the impossible defying science onto brains which keep ticking.

To justify existence with notepads and the story of string theory.

I will twist and turn, flip and burn.

I will ride and settle and wash and still.

I will become all that there is and all that there isn’t.

I will form with this galaxy and I will do so without thinking..

“If this is real?”

For the moment that thought sought to form,

I’m back on stage in front of the audience.

“What now?” I’m thinking.. as I’m pulled away.

curtains closing,
while I’m stuck signing papers.

For within a world ruled by rules my galaxy will sure disappear.

– Ultimate Encore
By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction