The Space Between Matter


A tale of infinite.
A plot of existence.
A journey of what matters through the space between matter.

Some would call it empty,
Void of all that is living.
A darkened philosophy,
Uncomfortable at the thought of it.

But here is the punch line,
The beauty within.

You can’t create success,
If you don’t slow down to win.


It mutates, it loudens, it poisons.
It bends us to the rule of what the “world” should be.

The mind becomes receptive to noise,
A television that never turns off.

And we? The sitcom of tomorrow.

It evolves, it sharpens, it settles.
We are the rule of what the “world” is.

Depression, anxiety, and stress?

Bi-products of a mutation that was taught to us.

Forced to write by our hands before we even knew how to spell our own names.

There are moments in your life that mattered most, they weren’t things..but feelings.

And feelings are all that there is.

Look into that space,
It may be dark..
But I promise you,
The answer is deep in that moment.

When he held you, as if the world were to end a few seconds later.

When she kissed you as if reality had melted all together.

When you’re breathing in that cold fresh air over a still horizon.

When you become so aware of what doesn’t matter.

When desire to change your whole life with one pull of a plug.

To end the series of what the “world” expected of you, and took arms of what an heightened love gave you.

Infinite and success exists in a moment only.

It’s your version of a happily ever after,
My version of a love shared together.

In the end success is a moment shared in co-existence of what matters most.

That quiet in-between of atomical structure..

What we call life.

The Real Life.

The Space Between Matter.

Written By Claudio Conte
A CDYProduction