The Post That Never Mattered


When chaos appears, reaction emerges.

Limbic systemic control has faltered and judgement prevails.

Taking matters into our own hands, is the motto.

You have your say, you godly thing.

In the vocalisations of an opinion generations of you come and go.

Skeletal structure destined for dust as the tech of tomorrow overcast a digital shadow to your “memorable” words.

Beyond Bitcoin, A legacy of “what could have been” ready to cash in..

Your text traded in data.

Fuelled with angry emotion compounding in binary.. now nesting somewhere in one of Zuckerberg’s centres.

And yet addicted to the expression of pointless perspective..

The chaos still reigns inside.

And while you’re trading away, over on the sideline, there’s a beauty always forming.

A galactic oasis reserved for those that spare their serotonin correctly.

And if you cannot see beauty in chaos before limbic release.. than your own loving canvas has still yet to be painted.