I look down at my hands, remote by thought, I witness the phalengic wonder at play.

I look back ahead of me as a teacher with a board of instructions, mirrors my future.

I look back down at my hands, oh how they have grown so quickly.

A demonstration of all the effort I’ve used them for, evolved by what I have used them on.

I look ahead once again, I am at my peak of my creation.

The world is Eden, the playground I envisioned.

Out of habit, I looked back down at my hands.

This time, nothing has changed. Not physically at least.

My perception however, has.

I look ahead again, and Eden is a kilometer behind me.

How did this happen?

How did I wonder so far away, whilst observing my hands?

I looked down for a minute, and instead years felt robbed from me.

And then.. comes the lul.

The lul of life, telling me that Eden was a holiday, not a destination.

I look back at my hands, and I see that same wonder I experience when consciousness allowed it.

The lul is a gift of Eden. A gift of appreciation. A gift of rest.

A gift of a new journey awaiting ahead.