The Eye in Vulnerable


“We are powerful beyond measure.
(A line we are familiar with.)
Creating what we see fit in this world.
(And one we are not.) 

We’re full of distractions. Keeping us away from the ability to feel, to grow and to face what needs to be faced.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you stand from, or what you represent.

You are human.
You have a start and you will have an end.
You also have everything in between.  

Ignore it if you want, or be the receiver of these 500 choices of words.

I type what I type because it goes beyond me, it goes beyond what I think,.. I think. I type what I type because I feel it and I have too.

I type ‘feels’ and not the linkage of expressed opinions decided upon by the sheer culture we live in.

I feel the strength inside me and I tap into it. I make it grow.
I make it so powerful that my life has to match the intensity of what I offer. 

I feel the love inside me and I tap into it. I make it expand. I make it with such Intent that the love I give to people has to be met with a match of belief and strength in action that lines with what I offer.

I feel presence and I have to acknowledge the lessons the moment, it teaches me.

That’s my gift. That’s my talent. A skill that was practiced. Because Passion is on my side, I made it so.

Because the human condition fascinates me beyond words and measurement, and I cannot settle.
My soul refuses it.

 I cut down the boy I was to be the man I am. I give value to the people that demonstrate it back at me.

I cut down those that bring injustice, selfishness, and suggestions that serve nobody living.

Those that disrespect the priority of a single individual, when it’s that SAME individual that cries for connection when needed.

This part is for you. 

A feeding from the lust to your greed while you spit lies of your compassion.

People suffered and only their eyes could willingly speak the cry for help and yet you blinked. You fucking blinked.

Those people who exploit don’t belong in my heart.
Those people who exploit don’t belong in my mind. 

I’m having an energetic episode,
Can you feel me?
It’s me in the flesh.
It’s me when I talk to people, when I listen and when I go beyond what I do, beyond what I say.

The voice that gives back the piece of you that was always within.

I’m here when you need me, yet this isn’t me,
It’s not who you see on a day to day.
I am what is buried deep within you, and only in your truest element.. I show.  

Maybe I scare you, maybe I don’t.

It’s okay. It’s fading now.

It’s okay. It’s calming down.

An evolution has risen.”

– An Eye in Vulnerable

Written By Claudio Conte
A CDYProduction