The Eve of Battle


Everything Life #101

The Eve of Your Personal Battlefield

Sometimes I wonder about the lives of the many people who knew what must be lost to be gained..

Imagine heading out to war..

A restless night because you know the likelihood of you surviving the next day is low.

Your mind rattles with questions, longing, regrets, wishing, anger, sadness, peace.

You roll around in bed missing your partner..

Hating the government..

Regretting your choices that lead you here..

Angry at the world..

Dealing with the change you’re about to create, to be apart of..

In fear to the what if of your death becoming meaningless..

Wishing everything was different..

Sad that you won’t see a life with children..

And finally a point of clarity in which the bigger picture becomes clear.

What does that look like?

I can’t tell you.. because I’m aware that I’m dying.

Every single day..

I have seen death and flowed into it’s pain willingly to learn what it has to teach me.

I believe humans are granted knowledge when the lead up to our deaths occur.. we’ll get the glimpse to understanding the bigger picture of our existence.

Since we are reflections though.. whether it’s a spiritual death, or a reflection of death
(someone you love dying in front of you)..

It holds the power to show you what actually is and what actually isn’t in this world.

This entire existence based on a collective of ideas passed down through nuclei keys to history.. preserved in the survival of tomorrow.. is all real?

Is the 9-5 is real? Our houses real? The very thoughts that float in your head constantly putting you down and playing comparison.. all real?

So many of us live in suffering thanks to a ‘made-up’ of collective..

Literally embedded into our DNA and without knowing have allowed ourselves to leave it unaltered.

We lack awareness to realise pain is necessary for growth, and while suffering is the effect by which one who doesn’t have the awareness that pain is needed to embody growth.

In business it is no different as it is in the rest of our lives.

The responsibility that comes with living for the pinnacle of an heightened moment.. means we can accept the responsibility of pain that has to come with having the ability to such a state of love and giving.

You can’t live in love without accepting pain.

Trying to do so gives birth to suffering.

The world does not govern on light alone.

If you ever written a book or a post about how the pursuit of happiness is the answer.. please write a second one about how WRONG that is.

Both light and darkness are neutral there is no such thing as good and evil..

Not when we break down the polarity of what is actually happening down to the core.

If we choose to look beyond your emotions that have dictated our lives thanks to movies, and cultural behavior..

We can find the truth to this in the stars of the universe and in the microbes of the earth.

How can we not apparently call the sun evil for having the power to burst energy and cause chaotic effects that has the potential to kill thousands of people?


See because when studied on that photon scale it’s its own fault for not having the ability to avoid the damages it could do to our planet.

How it can still give us the energy and allow us the supplementation in the incredible moments we get to be gifted from it on a day-day/second-second basis?

That does not make sense.

So remember this.. that every choice and decision you’re ever going to make will eventually too place you on the Eve of your own personal battlefield.

Here you’ll kick and scream and cloud/birth the understanding of the bigger picture..

You’ll have the opportunity to let your dreams die, unconsciously, killing many others who need your help all whilst giving birth to suffering..

Simply because you became a consumer to the collective ideal of this made-up realm without separating your awareness from your being.

You’ll have the opportunity to face your demons and find your angels at the same time.

This is your gift.

No matter how much you hide it behind a drink, Netflix or even keeping busy with work, entertainment, denial and other distractions..

You’re going to HAVE to face it.

And when you do, I hope you allow your mind to prepare and understand the bigger picture.

It’s more important than the time you’ll spend suffering and in denial.

– Painting by Bill Weber