The Denial of Expression


What is neglected, becomes unknown. How does one utilize the tools genesis has handed to them, when one is unaware of it’s existence?

An invitation to expel the denial of self and express your truest self.

Let me place it in an “easier-to-read” format. How do you truly utilize your potential – that god, creator, universe, the old man in the sky, whatever/whoever, if you were never taught on how to actually “do you”.

This will be the first of many blogs where I completely step out of the way and let the deepest parts of my unconscious share a view of my reality. Read with me as we start changing the way we perceive ourselves.

What I mean by stepping out of the way is that when we switch off the conscious part to us that heavily relies on thought processes, moment-to-moment decision making and verbal-mobility (solely on the premise of self-judgement), we open the doorway to be truly us.

You’ve been truly ‘you’ plenty times before. Place yourself in front or in the flow of something you truly love. Whether it’s a human, or a hobby, or a particular moment. You have done this, Often? maybe not, but it’s done.

The denial of expression is heavily regarded to those that live life under influence beyond their control. Which by the stats i’m not actually pulling up – shows me 100% of the population works in this manner.

We are all constantly influenced.

What separates us from being lost in the flow, or understanding what is happening behind the scenes of this influence all comes down to one powerful art. The Art of Awareness.

The art of awareness is a practice. It’s a practice of being in control, of beginning to understand your own human functionality, it’s being able to deter “destiny” or “fate” and write the story you desire.

But before we get into that, your brain will only allow you to take this information the way it’s intended too, if  the ground foundations are set. AKA – Your relativity.

Hands up if you ever wanted a new car, that one car you didn’t really know existed and then before you know it, you started seeing it everywhere. This is how you get from A to Z in your life, a part of the brain called the reticular activating system, what is it? I already googled it for you.


Credit to Alice Haemmerle for introducing the science behind this: In a nutshell, this is how you accomplished school, whatever certificate under your belt, that job you have now, that house that is coming up, that dog that’s now family, the children you co-created (or adopted – another form of co-creation with so much more) that housing, those long sought for holidays, all the experiences and fun in between. All of it one way or another ways we can all relate too.

Relativity is essential, If you want change you need to see the change you desire first. If you struggle to feel happy now, you may lack the education to express, and if you lack this education, you will follow up the rest of your life in auto-pilot mode, all based around your similar experiences all based around your similar influences.

This is not right or wrong, nor good or bad. But they all end the same way. You die. You die, and all you have to leave are materials and your experiences. How many or how less will be ultimately on you. And though for now the whole ” we all die” may be the present truth but perhaps not the future, either-eyther ,it sure does not need to be as grim as I make it sound. Sorry.

I’m allowing myself to allow you to read this and let you have the expression that has been denied for a long time. It’s time to stop. This might not be for you, but maybe it is. If I told you that what you’re reading right now. every word that is whizzing past your eyes, is all you. Stop.

Go back to the start of the above sentence. Pick up that extra ‘L’ i left back there. You already may have? Cool welcome back. Keep reading forward. There’s a point here.

You’re writing this. All of it.


Another topic for another time.

All I need you to know right now is this. Your denial of expression is coming to an end. You don’t need to share this to the world, you just need to share it internally with you right now. If you’re tired with parts of your life it’s time to go beyond all that you know. It’s time for some serious change.

To the truest unconscious part of you,