The Concept of Time


For the concept of time is the marriage with a clock.

A clock has limits and is tied to a fabric of preconceived motion.

Your clock, tied to a day.. tied to a week, a season and a year.

It is tied to a spin in a galaxy around the sun.

The human mind therefore tied to the trajectory of linear time.

80 years is less than a blink in the scheme of 14 billion, yet may feel like a ‘lifetime’ to a human being.

And this is true.

Because in a linear clock-driven world, time only moves forward one second at a time.

So experience must be limited by a collective acceptance.

When you should find love, finish school, get married, have a family.

Your entire reality is already painted for you.

Society, the paintbrush.
Your future, the canvas.. and you?

The painting itself.. preconceived and orchestrated.

Stroked to life with the hope that everyone around you will be satisfied, happy and proud at the painting you’ve become.

Hopeful that you’ll end up in the most expensive of museums.

Enjoyed by millions of wanderers who move from one muse to another in matter of minutes as you battle for attention over your life’s work.

You exist because of the paintbrush, the canvas, and the linear construct of time.

And yet.. you and I ascend time.

Communicating before the idea of the paintbrush could ‘be’.

You, 14 billion years of wonder, are beyond the idea of a painting.