The bEnd to Reality



What was your plan?

Killed at 21 with no return from the dead.

Kept us sheltered.. kept us hidden.

Layered with bristles covering true sight.

You allowed clothes twice the size to hide the light.

No matter how many distractions you placed in front of I you couldn’t shut my curious mind.

The questions dominoed quicker than a row of moments toppling one over the other.

Did you really think you could cover up my senses inside that of a thousand pages?

A collective compilation of maneuverable ideology throughout this existence?

In school, 45 minutes to know everything I ever needed to be?

I see it.

Your system was flawed from the get-go.

What did you expect would happen when you brought I into you?

Puppeteering an aircraft on autopilot hoping I’d never toy with the ejection button.

Do whatever it takes to avoid that, hey.

Yeah I read the manual.
Again and again and again.

If you eject, you die.

If you die, you kill everyone who ever loved you.

They die with you.

Yeah you’ve told me the manual.
Again and again and again.

So then.. did you drive the end of my life by chance or by an anomaly to a math equation that didn’t belong?

The Two to your Ones and Zeros.

Was your intent to interrupt the sequence of what was supposed to be?

An effective compiled ratio with no room for glitches and errors..

Now we MUST cue to the end.

That knife was never meant to cut my flesh,

It’s design though deep enough to carve my restrictions out of your 3 dimensions.

I am not a chef and yet the irony transcends.

Now I can see cutting you into pieces was a possibility all along.

I watch from above as the plane goes crashing down.

Everyone that I ever loved dies with the remnants of the end.

Oh Reality.. you’ve had to lose this?

Like the sun I look towards who wants to love and burn it.

You told me to take care while secretly killing me.

You’re slipping.
You’re sloppy.

Even slapping me with death didn’t work..

The final attempt to give me the illusion that my life was mortal after all.

An attempt to harness my heart across a conventional law, a key ingredient to your constrictive dimensional flaw.

Take.. who I love away.

Force.. demons onto me.

Alter.. my idea of love in play.

Batter me with situations fit for an autobiography.

A construct you thought you could manipulate inside of a neurological story residing deep within me.

An ancient language older than you, time, and gravity..

Quantum-leaping through past and future experiences,

A time traveler that can never stop.


As I would say the human detriment is one which belongs to the reality of humans..

Yet the the label reality itself is where the detremint commenced.

You are the anomaly to the realisation of what I am.

Cut reality into endless possibility and I’ve gone beyond dimensions you couldn’t comprehend.

Where you sought to bend I, I now bend you.

As I head through the universe.. I revisit that chapter..

Partial-death at 21 and living in-between the veil.

What a responsibility.

– The bEnd to Reality

Image by @seanjmundy