Temptation of a Memory


The temptation of a memory.

So sweet in all of its delicious collections.

Labelled meanings that make a past more addictive than any drug replicated.

For every recall,
a perception that can’t be let go of.

Hidden stories revelled in the same way the world is built on.

And so like her soft lips, and gentle breath.
His relaxed chest against your temple.

That monster that betrayed your trust,
The one sweetheart you thought you could ever love.

That hopeful fabrication of success,
and the moment it was all forced to change.

For better or worse.

Letters were sent to your brain,
Signed and dated by emotion.
Transcribed in a language,
Forever keeping your flow.

Yet a substance used incorrectly,
Is a relevance that escapes wisdom.
Leaving no lesson available in your current present.

When all is unwell,
we crave what was best.

When all is well,
we reflect on what made us less.

Temptation of a memory.
..Just a dabble really.

I can let go of this identity.
At anytime of any day.
No really I can. I promise.

I just don’t wanna.