Riding Clouds of Despair


On my restless cloud I ponder,

My despair evaporating into darkened wonder.

They think of me as ‘bleak’,

But that couldn’t be further from the truth…

For rainclouds give way to what people seek.

Crossed-legged, elbows on my thighs, fists resting my head by the chin.

Slouched over, I look down towards the land that changes with the shutter of my eyelids.

One blink we go from land to people crafting,

Another we see huts turned to wooden homes.

Another from bricks, to vertical buildings.

We see the expansions vertically, and the annihilation concluding reduction.

We see power, greed, peace, and history repeating in cycles with new scenarios.

And though time flies rapidly, my cloud cries and lightens the load, only to darken and cry again.

All while along, I sit there exactly the same.

My hair and beard lengthening, intertwining with the puffs of eroded cloud formation.

Aging hundreds into thousands, thousands into eons,

My fleece blotting out the sun to become the shadow casted throughout the whole world.

And I just watch.

My eyes the colours of that green and dirt below, in-tune with nature herself.

These sight seekers would not have aged a single day, and yet seen the birth and end of galaxies, humble in watching what show will be presented in the in-between.

For the clouds will be the last thing to go once the world is consumed by the same fate I’ve seen all of the universe do a thousand times over.

So take a seat, transition despair into evaporation, make that rain that gifts the world keep on breathing.

Life is much better living from this point of viewing, perspective makes life truly worth living.