Once Upon A Pioneer


It dawns on you..

What keeps you from doom.

But the fine layers of nylon,

And a dream escaping you.

In an atmosphere that kills,

You are left to seek unknown.

In the words of the undeniable,

You are left all alone.

A pioneer of the arts though,

That I see in you.. so obviously.

Sacrificing what your magic is made of,

Just to impress a majority.

So little pioneer,
Who once upon a backyard..
Carried multiple worlds,
And settled with stories a plenty.

Who lead revolutions within bedrooms,

And carved paintings upon trees.

Can I entrust in you.. one more venture, please?

The very essence you keep in question.

You, so vastly different than what society keeps trying to believe you be.

Oh little pioneer,

“Look up” is the final say.

A universe filled with empty sounds and not again a single voice will you ever hear.

For space is but a big enough room for imagination.

And it is here you can reunite with essence.

– Once Upon a Pioneer