My Heart For A Day


If you could have my heart for a day..

Could you feel the punctures in play?

Too subtle to cause suffering,
and yet too obvious to pause pain.

If you could breath my lungs for a second..

Could you taste entirety brush over the papillae of my tounge..
A warmth of gratitude yet a chilly of angst?

If you could hold my hands for a minute..

Could you recall the cold touch of my dead loves and the embrace of all hugs?

Milliseconds of appreciation,
yours to experience in deeper depths.

If you closed my eyes for a moment..

Could you see the harm I caused, the harm I saw, the harm I bore?

The tears down death’s face as she ends my life and allows me another..

Could you then see the smiles exchanged with a friend’s child,
as we lock moments inside seconds with no thought, only presence..

In unison with what this universe has in store for our personal expansions..

Could you suffer to take on more pain than keep pain to give others more love?

Could you than give more love with no more expectation, no matter, no difference..

Ascending an accordance that you require a return to yourself?

If you could dance with my mind..

Would you play a duet by my side and love me for I?

Would you call upon chords in synchronic symphonics?

As we beat with one heart, and breath into each other..

As we fondle our fingers and link in linguistics.

As we engage through our eyes until they are too tired to stay open.

Our hearts, to a slow, punctured and woe.

If we could wake up as us, as we are..

Could you wake up with me tomorrow?

– My Heart For A Day

By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction