Living in a Dual-Realm


What if we are living in a dual-realm?

Where in this realm, somebody dies – we mourn them.. all while they’re born into this polar realm that exists in parallel,

Life after Death.

Welcomed with gratitude, joy and love as we through birth.

Little we know they just died in this same other..

Letting go as we mourn, cry and love their loss,

Death after Life.

I heard an atheist say that he believes when we die nothing happens..

But that nothing can’t last forever either.

What if we are in a loop, a balancing act of love and sadness?

The lack of clarity in times of our lives we all face.. fit for a trial in which we overcome with time unlocking untapped new found mental discovery.

Sitting with the nothingness for as long as required until we find life again.

What if we loop for the soul purpose of deepening our expressions and experiences?

As the universe expands, it too will contract,

Just as our lungs do.

A meme once said – We only live for two minutes.. and every time we breathe, we reset that timer.

The forever ebb and flow of the in and out.

From the desire of our mental penetration towards each other,

To trade our finitude of life for one another.

Our reward – the act of creation.

New life committed by our love in a moment and the certainty that we bring in something that must die.

Gods given the power to create mortals,

And we can’t help but be chained to this love-cycle.

Hormonal influence impacting our desire to love and be loved.

The beauty of living beats the fear of unfamiliarity every time,

And our desire for gratitude, joy and love wins..

Forever this duality is than built upon love,

And before time and gravity the fundamental of progression comes back to this expression.

So what if we exist in a dual-realm founded on love?