If You Were Forever


If you were a god and forever..

Would you give in to curiousity?

Would it spark a great divinity..

To align time into a space of projection?

Hmm.. what would need to be the founding question?

“What if I didn’t know?”..

So.. if you were a god in creation..

What would you choose to be painting?

The perfect storm of science to fruition a vision in making?

A sea monkey on land just waiting to hatch.

If you alienate your idea and take away the one component..

That one that separates the knowing from you.

Would desire override what you’re going to cause next?

If you could unplug from immortality and live in a realm destined to experience every spectrum of possibility..

Would you take that trip?

Whether you made shoes to get by, or starved as a child at the end of life.

Whether you brought harm to it, suffered by it, or contributed to a better world cause of it.

Would you put yourself in it?

If you were god and you were forever, could you give it up for an eon?

One life source at a time across 10 million+ species?

If forever meant you would have had to know everything.. then a lesson in question waits for you by the day your heart finally gives in.

Because even a limit to immortality could teach the infinite a few things..

And what was forever is surely appreciated right here.

Well what a trip hey.. 1 billion years later.