Happiness in 200 Seconds


A table in between, “two menus please.”
The waitress she sees..
A pair of lovers, really, not so discreet.

Senses heightened,
Yet focus narrowed.
200 seconds, staring at eachother.
Captured in literal, right here, right now.
A form of Intimacy in the pureset form allowed.

“Hello uninvited voice..
What say you now?”
..You’re too observant.
You know the limits!

It will not last!

“What? These mixed feelings?
Sadness and bliss?
Combining, Intertwining?
A hybrid of feels?
The same feelings that are now
slithering and mating like the pair of snakes above a hosptial wing, clinging on the destruction of a broken hope! A skin for ‘what was’ a skin for ‘what will be’?”

Yep, you’ve seen a million ends, right before you as you hold their hands.
Lost in satisfaction.
You ignore the facts of tomorrow.

A metaphor for the naive that set the standard of the now.

The emotions, you ride, not caring the cost.
A fair price, unacceptably accepted.
Sold in 100 seconds.

You settle on the eyes,
the intensity they draw you.
A swift delivery,
that minute or two.
A repetitive melody.

Sung by a never-ending duet.

A ballad for us, by us.
We sing happiness, we sing death.

Petals blossom,
and in a few minutes,
The same petals will lessen.

All of this heightened in just 200 seconds..
Hmm sad really.. that in 300.. you’ll forget.

Let curiousity take over as we ponder when,
Me, you, we.. will sit like this again.

Too late, times up.. are you ready to order now?
Yeah, sure, thanks.
.. what were we feeling about?

– Happiness in 200 Seconds
By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction