Freedom of Expression


Stitched to grow up,
Abandoning my imagination.

Stitched by history,
I’m caught up with theory.

Stitched by ideology,
I no longer have an identity.

Stitched at the mouth,
I can no longer vocalise.

Stitched up my heart,
I deny these subtle feelings.

Stitched at the hands,
I lose my ability to create.

Stitched by experience,
I cannot see multiple outcomes.

Stitched by the need to earn,
I can’t break through systemic output.

Stitched to vote for improvement,
I lose my own power for independence.

Stitched by insecurity,
I’m chasing to escape fear.

Stitched to buy my home,
I’m accepted by tribal accomplishment.

Stitched by mortality,
I rush life without living it.

Stitched by environment,
I live in limited comfort.

Stitched to work towards travel,
I escape reality in denial of another country’s entrapment.

Stitched by other’s expectations,
I somewhere lost my own person.

Stitched through manipulation,
I have been taught that I am a terrible human being.

Stitched to make an impact,
I’m convinced to right wrongs from my shortcomings.

Stitched to hide my emotion,
I avoid judgement of failure.

Stitched to find resolution at the bottom of the bottle,
Only to slow the conversation inside of one’s head.

Stitched to search for drugs,
Exploring my questions on a collective society.

Stitched to find a reason for living,
To keep the gun from shooting.

Stitched to seek mental aid,
And find the answers for abstract thinking.

Stitched to jokingly question my existence,
And discover an ending of one’s life.

Stitched to be the consumption of product to a predefined world,
I expire and leave it all behind.

Stitched to be judged for freedom,
Expression recycled through a statistic of collective suppression.