Elixer of Souls


A recipe for Immortality forms naturally,
through experience that of an empty mind.

If the practice of meditation is to become present, centered and silent,
Than too the practice translates into observance, awareness and possibility.

A quietened mind slows time down like the gravity pull of a foreign planet.

A quickened mind lives life by the trap of the clock that surrounds them.

Thoughts are left on auto pilot.

Patterns on cruise control.

And whatever belief left?

Hijacked by stories that serve no true purpose to an individual’s life cycle.

A quietened mind can’t distinguish chaos from flow.

A quickened mind is constantly in fight or flight.

A quietened mind accepts it’s end and welcomes the next beginning.

A quickened mind sees a doom served to itself.

Time as a concept becomes as foreign as the universe intended it to be.

10 hours is no different than 10 minutes.

Each conversation with another human is a welcoming opportunity into a parallel time-line.

A quietened mind lives multiple lives, multiple loves, and multiple beings.

A quickened mind vocalises their years are going by faster with each passing one,
a quietened mind lives a year in a month.

Immortality is living until you’ve had enough.

By this logic, a clock with no hands opens a subconscious with no limit.

If by the time you are 100 you have lived to a 1000,
you may have experienced as much that the curiosity of the physical end is as exciting as your first memory of a Christmas present..

Or the first time the one you love voices their love back at you..

Even the cry of your creation as it takes it’s first breath placing you in a God-like light..
an opportunity to experience the energy of all that exist which must spark on continuum reflected right by your first born.

If meditation can evolve into a limitless source..

Than every moment you express, share and experience transcends every form of time-telling inside our 3D reality.

What if the practice became your entire being? No longer co-depending on a practice as you now have BECOME the practice.

How long would you really live for?

– Elixir of Souls

By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction