Chasing Rainbows


An unsettling evil has taken place.

Given birth by the birth of love,
A doom destined to alter reality.

We encounter.
Eyes met, energy locked.

Neither knows of the biological neuro-love storm brewing within us.

The clouds form above,
With every common theme,
The clouds heavy with love.
It takes us through a dream.

Call it fate or call it a chemistry experiment.
What mattered was that it mattered too long.

Months pass maybe even years.
Time gets aloft when the dance takes place.

Our neuro-storm begins to settle,
A nervous system that can last for years.

Better than any man that can last longer than a session in the bedroom.

But the world fills you with confliction and desire. It shows you the make-believe.

So you find what you are not seeking inside the trapped walls of loud melodic beats.

Only to be enjoyed by the devils drink or the man-made poison for the broken-hearted.

They say you’ll never reach the end of the rainbow, where the treasure sits.

That is because you have never known how to capitulate the rainbow to a treasure you have never seen exist.

But you have seen it.. Well at least to the unseeing eye you have.

It walked past you, didn’t it?

Like that caterpillar on the tree,
or the spider sneaking behind your bedding frame.
All beneath your eyes,
a beauty and fear that have slipped past you.

See, I say happiness is not a journey but a chapter.

Once you harness a chapter that is a story that is with you forever.

But we are obsessed with chasing, aren’t we?
We are obsessed with never having enough, that’s right.

We skip the beauty of the caterpillar,
The curiosity of the spider.

Perhaps that is the human detriment?

To waste our lives chasing a rainbow without the tools of acquiring it.

A treasure lost.

So we do more of the same.
Until something happens that cannot be done.

Goodbye freedom,
Goodbye choice.

All that is left is a justification to the cards in hand.

A poker game with only jokers.

‘Impossible’ you think, and yet here you are, playing.

Your opponents are your loved ones with selfish endeavors.

You can’t breathe.

You’re taught that the pot of shiny gold bought happiness.

But you don’t feel happy,
Just used.

A sinking ship and all your brain can do is tell you:

“You’ll be okay.”

You lie there next to the lover that lacks the love. A neuro-storm that lasted shorter than any one night stand ever did.

And now you’re married.

You cuddle the pillow as you bring your knees into your chest facing away from the snores and the smells of the false arch of colors lying beside you.

And though you have lost sight of the rainbow,
It appears now only in your dreams.

Sleep becomes the neuro-addiction.

You smile as your mind takes you back to the highlights of intensities that gave your life meaning.

The pot of gold to a dying dreamers treasure.

These are the tales of the caterpillar and spider.

A story of a patient beauty waiting to unfold,
A story of a creeping evil hidden inside those dreams.

You missed the transformation of the butterfly,
And the birth of 40 dreams.

You were riding the rainbow and the gold was there all along, not at the end of the rainbow but beside you, with you.

Now lost in a desert with no water to create, you follow the tracks towards the 7 coloured arch until the end of your days.

The sadness is,

You’re following the tracks backwards.
But you will never know, even if you’re told, even if you’re shown.

Enter the long goodnight, sweet lover.

And go to sleep neurotic dancer.

Dream well.

– Chasing Rainbows

Written By Claudio Conte
A CDYProduction