Bound By Love


A thousand and one questions.
An endless supply of adrenaline.

These are the beats that share their last regiment.

You hold me with such firm shaking hands.
Avoiding the thought that this could be the end.

I have been with you from the beginning.
Only weeks ago, times were simpler.

You met me with such excitement and my destiny was to be bonded to you by hand.

You knew the deadliness I possessed,
Or perhaps you did not want to see it then.
Flirtatious on the idea of handling me without the responsibility I came with.

You saw how sharp I was, how one touch i could pierce any man that touched me.

Unimaginable power.
All in hands reach.
Destined to be yours.

Now you look at me as you hold me out in front.
Time slows down.

Explosions in the distance that represent excitement and fear intertwined into one.

We share this moment because we are bound.

The fire in your heart keeps your thoughts sound.

“You are what is in between me and death. You are the reason I keep on living.” You tell me.

The love in your heart draws strength.

There is a price that kind of power pays.

See place trust in what is bound and the better lover wins.

In the distance two lovers come striking from above, without hesitance we strike as one.

Another heart pierced in front of me, by me.

I watch as the tears of his love sheds from two sockets, his bounded falls from his grip.

His lover is lost but before you could experience his moment we cut down another.

Two dead men, bounded by loves and the ‘better’ wins.

What is better? Scars and mutilation of what is left back at home. While we flirt with the ideas that we are the heroes that need to prove to a world that was born with love, replaced with fear that we’re here to save it from what was never here?

“Wasn’t it enough to just have what I had?”
You think to yourself.

I’ve seen a thousand hands before,
All looking at me with the same lust and desire. Never seeing me anything more than but a tool to control.

And yet you’re different.

I feel it when i slice through the hearts of our kills.

They are just like you.
Bounded by a love waiting at home and in a second or two I have destroyed a lifetime of what could have been.

Your grip lightens, a thousand men becomes a thousand and one.

A blade has struck you through the right of your chest.

You gasp, even as you hold me i can see her face clearly. She’s smiling, beaming, looking at you intently.

The blade disappears from your chest.

You kiss, make love, and share in each other’s dreams.

Another pierce takes action below your ribs.

She’s calling out to you telling you she’s fine, but you see her soul as you’re about to head on by.

She’s crying, running after you screaming to come back home.

I can’t make out what else you thought,
You let go of me as we simultaneously fell to the floor.

My lover, he struggles for air, two tears strolling down his cheeks.

The romance was short but it was real.
I’ll never forget, and so I tell you.

All a lie as I get picked up by another.

Bounded by love, I fight for my new lover.

– Bound By Love

Written By Claudio Conte
A CDYProduction