An Orchestra’s Orgasm


Eyes adjusting,
A never-before-seen landscape inside your body.

You fall in love even deeper.

When you hold hands and bodies, your receptors fire ever more soundly.

Like an orchestra hitting every note possible whilst you caress the back of your lover’s head.

A waterfall of hair bristling inbetween your fingers as you lock into a light grasp.

Heart rate elevates,
And both hips tighten.

The chime of song now rippling through every living cell.

A live performance and every organism that’s yours is on the guest list.

The voice of thought, now empty. 
The presence of senses, now full.

No longer are you aware to the slight damp grass lying beneath you as you slip deeper into every kiss.

No longer does the chill in the air or the sounds of people passing inside a sunset now turning to darkness exist.

The gentle rocks of the water by the lake now rhythmical to the synchronicity of breath, the rolls of your tongue, and the tilts of your heads.

How much more rhythm are we still yet to pleasure?

With both breath and eyes engaged we intensify the excitement of what has to come next.

– An Orchestra’s Orgasm
By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction