Aimed, Shot, Captured.


The rocks, The river, and the sounds of birds quaver.

You sit,

knees tucked, hands wrapped, a smile beams back.
Still-framed.. Aimed, shot and captured now.

It’s locked,

now apart of our souls.

It loads,

now triggered by thought.

It follows,

the kinetic chain of memories.

It stalks,

The curiosity to our intellectuality.

We wonder..

with collaboration of intensities,

how deep can we really take this?


When our tongues first met.

Your face,

in front of the sunset.

Eyes confronting,

with the setting of the skies.


A joke and a giggle.


A lean on a shoulder.


a kiss on your forehead.


Aimed. Shot and Captured again.


Hands sliding down the sides of your body,

bare-skinned, in motion,

with the roll of your hips.

Tight clasp, the veins,

under your skin.

You let out, the sounds,

that thrill everything in.

Climaxing simultaneously.

Aimed. Shot and Captured incredibly.

Back on that rock,

the sounds, they’ve stopped.

We kiss.

We’re safe.

This moment is what we’ve got.

We aimed.

We shot.

Let’s not forget what the camera caught.

– Aimed, Shot, Captured
By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction