A Teacher Once Taught Me

A wise teacher once taught me. .
That the power of language.. transformative.

Where used correctly, therapeutic.
Where not.. catastrophic.

I've seen behaviour reflected in my lack of human-knowing.
I've been paradigms affected by my unconcious following.

For if I want positive impact,
I must look at my self image.

For if I want change with-out,
I must want change with-in.

Oh.. how our words affect our reality.

How we play with godly tools without the manual.
To play god inside of the shed, housing animals.

Without instruction but rather, that, of an estimation.

A wise teacher once asked of me. .
For the duality of transformation is to obtain the ability to destruction.

So will you do right by we?
If so, welcome to your happily ever after.

Use these words, diligently.

– A Teacher Once Taught Me

Dedicated to Alice Haemmerle for the gifts she brought years ago, wherever you are I hope you’re well. ✨??