A Lesson in Time


Another Year, another story.

As the minds of individuals explore the losses and wins,

We come to the end of a chapter while a new one begins.

The hate for ‘what was’ in twenty-seventeen,
to never repeat in twenty-eighteen.

Little do people know ‘what was’ makes for what ‘will be’.

So today I explore the video I created.

7 Lessons that taught me how to be true to me.

With the will to write this up, I decided a poem would suffice.

More powerful than a couple of written paragraphs, vocalized.

So let’s get started on the past chapter to bring well into a new after.

Lesson I

The opening lesson, as I’ll call the first one.

A quote of sorts,

taught to me by a mentor, a friend,

and a teacher of the cause.

Do Nothing and Achieve Everything.

A conflict-ion to the ideology that a prideful man demanded,

“Work hard and you’ll be well-rewarded.”

See What I mean by this, is that as long as you are present, respectful and truth to the feelings of you.

Positivism evokes positive responses once all that you love is detached from your soul.

To do nothing is to not work hard, but to work in truth to the stars that you are.

To feel good, and let go of the expectations of what people say you should do.

To be present in all the moments that drew you in.

Get out of your head and serve those moments authentically.

Lesson II

Let go of what does not serve your soul any longer.

We live in a tech-based future, where our addiction to connection is found on the platforms of a social metric.

The issue here is as we grow forward we halt our progressions,

cancelling out potential with the holdings of memories.

We keep people in our lives that do not contribute to our own dopamine-spiking and serotonin releasing.

We tend to share only experiences for those that matched an interest to what once had served us.

And because of that, we choose to not let go of these people for the sake of our happiness,

the exploration of our future-selves.

This lesson is about cleaning, not deleting, cleaning the mess up.

Cleaning your social media, by creating your new cyber-vessel.

A vessel that begins right now and does not hold any tension with a past regression of who you once were.

To acknowledge the people that once served you but now either must become acquaintances

(and if you can admit that there is no longer any value,
Then a past experience with 0 emotional attachment.)

See I have friends that meant the world to me but created life differently,

there is no right or wrong, it is what it is.

Our reality, this world, it emits a time that is limited.

I can’t do what makes me happy and continue to please everyone equally.

And so the past becomes acquainted unless they came into my life with a means, separately.

People who show no value whatsoever, where acknowledged, and let go purposefully.

For the greatest lesson of all, is to put yourself firstly.

Lesson III

Facing the truth and respecting your intuition.

A sickness overcomes to those who are not authentic.

When it comes to the internal signals,
lit up by danger,
an energy waiting to be neglected.

This is important because you cannot truly grow if you do not acknowledge,

what you’re feeling, again, attached to the memories of what was supposed to have been.

For me, I can share this in the form of a relationship,
for every time a man came into the picture,
There was a feeling of betrayal and neglection
that was shoved down into a pit of subconscious deflection.

The people you care about speak only truth,
but you may bury those words to uphold a reality you once knew.

This haunts you every time and you come to accept a low-self worth of yourself.

Not to know any different, how to love and live well.

See attached to a memory of truth at the time but for the moment ,
a lie, right now, you’ll never be able to change that, so why do we try?

We try because we’re stuck in a past.

Our ego declares what is right and avoids facing the potential that we may have been wrong.

In the end your intuition gets lost, you lose your talents because your living the worth you deserve.

A denial of the truth and the pain paid in dues,

No sympathy, (perhaps yes, empathy),

but minuscule towards you.

So explore what little intuition you may have and beat down that ego to discover the truths.

These truths are lessons waiting to be learned.

And only when we face them we can get back to what mattered mostly.

4 More lessons to go, to be continued in poetry,

and wow, more fun than writing pieces that I would normally.

– A Lesson in Time

By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction