A Gratitude Note to Myself


I get disapproval from my choices.

It’s not easy to demonstrate fulfillment or share your ideas to people who don’t care about a future that isn’t here yet.

Just like when people won’t care until i’m writing the same post about an important matter after presenting infront of thousands of people.

It’s a responsibility I didn’t have a choice in.
And it’s one that goes above all else.

And today I have so much gratitude in myself.

In 3 years I have clocked over $200,000 in business.

And in those same 3 years I have invested around $100,000 back into it. To learn, to skill up, to succeed, to lose and to have made mistakes that all ended up in great lessons.

I would get bagged for being as tight with my money as I am or how I don’t splurge as I “should.”

I pay myself $200 a week and $120 of that goes to my weekly food shop and petrol. So when i’m not paying back my debt i’m left with $80 a week.

I haven’t saved a cent at all, any time I can i’ll always put back into it. I don’t have any dreams to make a tonne of money for myself.
That comes but it doesn’t excite me in the slightest.

That drive does not serve me one bit.

Once before my purpose to succeed in business was getting my mum out of financial stress. Then she died. For a while I built without purpose.

That feeling is like living without a soul. You just ‘do’ the ‘doing’.

All of these things I invest in or go without, is just for now.. but EVERYTHING I do is because it fits into my obsession with teaching the world of what I’ve learned, and enriching lives through the evolution of perception. The purpose I had was always meant to evolve.

To bring influence that will change the perceptions not of a single person but a era of people.

For now it is a future i’m building towards, and all that matters is I create the systems needed to serve the clients I have with the services I provide to give me the freedom for the projects that involve all my focus and time.

The same future that I live today, 4 years before when I got laughed at for wanting to escape the 9-5 and proved that one tiny comment wrong. – “You’ll never amount to anything more then a ‘freezer hand’ in a factory.”

One thing at a time, all geared for where I NEED to head towards.

I’ll say that now, and i’l say it later in life, again, in front of the world.

You can watch me, you can attempt to cut me down. You can care, you can not. You can try to use me for greed or bad but I will slay you. I am impenetrable to negativity. I can’t be knocked down and I can’t be killed.

I am who I am and I’ll always bring light to the dark. I’ll let the realities that don’t serve me continue without any emotional attachment, and i’ll always put the love I have for others over my own need for material and experiential gains.

It lives true to the energy of the man i gotta be.

Claude when you look back at this rememeber today, look at how inspired and tired you are, doing what needs to be done. The predecessor of you, me, today, another day in your element.

I love you and what you stand for.

– A Gratitude Note to Myself

Written By Claudio Conte
A CDYProduction