A Few Seconds of Stillness


A moment in time to silence the night.

When there is no room to be sad,
there will be no room for the living.

One should not be enraged at a world designed to be gifted.

For when the pain subsides.. a split second in time, like the interchanging of songs.

A shift of tones and notes.. there is but a quiet patch of unknown.

A few seconds of stillness.

That’s the space, we should choose to explore.

For when the force of chaos subsides.. a split second in mind, like the multitude of one’s greatest verse.

It’s here that sadness and love come hand in hand.

For when the song ends another begins.


Dedicated to my mother and the beauty in chaos of her transition from one song to the next this day 4 years ago.

You give me the gift of silence in a world of noise, and for that, I’m grateful everyday.

? A few seconds of Stillness ?
By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction