A Date With Society



Ringing fills the ears,
The sound of jittery chaos.


Flooding thoughts to a dreamer’s realm.

Where escape is short and as unreal as that belief you’ll miss that morning traffic for an extra minute of sleep
(Stop kidding yourself)

Your showers fill with dread and doubt, short lived like the silence fighting the beats that fade them out.

Bending the truth, slightly.

Suits on. Vests up. Whatever rank the classman asks.

Another day, making the world a little bit ‘better’.
Good for you.


We glue to the phones, the camera gets addictive.

We gel to the selfies, validation gets predicted.

We get excited when it goes up, broken when it does not.

Our insides scream out to the world; “WHY WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS NOW?!”

but.. no.. not really. That would be dumb.

Children dying, someone’s guts lying on the ground,
and here you are crying over a lack of +1  ?

Yeah right! You brush it off, maybe a giggle.. as you double check that refresh tab.

No sweat.


Its back to work we go, as seven little men chant their way into your head.

Picking at your skull so gentle you don’t even notice the bleeding drips of broken scar tissu..

OH LOOK MEME. It’s gone.

Bleeding what?

Is this making sense?

Just as much sense as reading about a mad tweet on some pointless rant commenting your two cents.

3 seconds later adding 5 cents to your friends insecurity scream for help, following 4 seconds to sell your soul for 7 with a crude joke about a life that was destroyed in ways unimaginable.

It’s all good when relativity goes out the door,
when you’re secure in a security system,
keeping you happy indoors.


One minute to go! The feeling is just as incredible.. as incredible as the birth of the universe!

Wow what a shit comparrison.

Holy crap I just got an email about branding myself on Instagram.

It really never stops.

The social trap that ‘more’ is the answer.

I bet you don’t even know what the point of chasing your rainbow is?
(I wrote a poem about that too, check it out)

We got to keep working making money that isn’t ours,
because we get told a fancier car was needed to keep on living this rouge of a promised land.

Don’t forget to smile when you clock off. 🙂

How absurd.

Odd how nobody questioned destiny and fate who both still exist truly today,

just evolved from gods and myths,
to sponsored ads and consumerism.

Bow down to your gods and don’t forget your 15% sacrifice in interest.


Another job well done.
Once again 10 seconds to short,
from foreseeing the ruin it contributed towards.

How many scrolls of parchment did we read through today?
What’s that?
Can you scroll with your fingers?
Does it show the news?


You’re more interested in getting your dopamine in 5 seconds of escaperism,
in an arguable post appose to looking at how the insect kingdom in your backyard works?

Insect kingdom? This guys lost the OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT DRUNKERN GIRL VIDEO?


So many exciting shows to still watch. That’s what gets us excited for the night on.

I mean, we could go back to exploring our imagination,
having a wanderlust of orgasm at existence itself.

An evolutionary tribute to the past self,
as little as a dwarf but without the whistling because work was a no go.


Claudio talk about the funny dumb stuff,
and what society wants their brains shoved on.

Insert more lauging emojis like literally dying,

burning away the literature describing,
those exact same tears in all of their magnificence.

Did you know you cry three different tears?

Literally satisfying.

As intelligence becomes sexier than some random meme,
with broken english giving you a life lesson on loving what isn’t real.

Literally disappointing.


Anxiety kicks in,
depression is a thing.

Doctor knows best;

“I need you to take these and these and then more of these.”
“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“No sorry I’m in Hawaii. You’ll be fine,
the medical rep promised me so,
with a nice big lobster and tickets to some fancy show.”

“Nothing, go to sleep.”
“You didn’t hear nothing from me.”


Ringing fills the ears,
The sound of chaos a little louder this time,

Lucky I woke up with an extra like or two
I’ll be fine,
my Facebook horoscope told me so. 

See a date with Society is what I can’t get enough of,
Like Tinder for life that I keep getting matched on.

Swipe right for personality disorder,
Swipe left for original love for ones self.

No taking snaps of your body on the dance floor doesn’t count.

You try to tell me to be different in a world that’s the same,
is like telling me you’re special in a world that’s mundane.

But hey if my friends are all married,
who am I to question my disadvantage.

Don’t think, just do. You can deal with that later,
in a brothel or two.

Trip out, get drunk, whatever it takes to deny what makes my heart warm.

I don’t want to lose the love of my life inside a world filled with billions of,
wives-to-be. But I want the one society dreams for me.

I have Fate and Destiny on my side after all.
I’m all interest ignoring the faults.

My date with society til the day I die in her.

..That’s all ????

– A Date With Society
By Claudio Conte

A CDYProduction