Significance. It is a word that amplifies as positive and a reason for pursuing and struggling with happiness.

I have been around people who have made millions quickly ‘trying to prove’, feeding a monster that highlights social status over contentment.Trading reputation for significance.I have seen relationships remain boxed, worthiness remain crippled, over-capitalising desires keeping individuals in unneeded debt due to the cruel mastery it has over them.

And every human who deep down recognises they must prove themselves, lives in a paradigm that stems from past hurt.

You are not born to signify as proof, but to be a conduit towards contribution.You are born as love and be love for all things in existence including all that suffer.Even though it’s easy to say “yeah I know love, I have that”, our need to prove and want keep us bounded, restricted and limited to the experience of true freedom in thought, love and being.

True love is unconditional, yet there are some who may agree while having their love come with conditions.Stemming from our unhealed trauma, we share an idea that we must follow the typical narrative.

For if we don’t, we are in fear of being judged, in fear we are not good enough, feared we won’t be accepted. I too used to be like this. Mine stemmed from the desire to be recognised by my dad.

I was ‘man’ enough, successful enough, that I could eat enough at the dinner table as a kid, longing for recognition.This translated to: Never being satisfied, seeking validations for achievements, and a longing to prove to the people around me, I’m worthy for acceptance.I reconciled this, luckily before dad passed.

No conversation with him had to happen. Energy shifted the moment it was released from within me. I turned from an insecure individual to a free individual, instantly meeting my dad differently.

Our relationship evolved. Life dramatically changed.

When we go beyond the yearning for unhealthy significances, we can enter into matters of what truly matter.Contribution, deep connection without expectation and growth beyond our wildest imaginations.

– The Significant Trap