We have everything. On the back of the collective that had to figure it out cognitively how to get here.

The influence, the suffering, the trade of life for freedom.

How can there be anything but peace?

Peace isn’t what the label of the word itself is generally taken as. Peace in the world, peace between people, peace within ones self.

To me its a concept of acceptance.

A concept that the world is as it should be because of what was, and because of what it is right now, there is no surprise why it would bring tomorrow.

Peace that tomorrow everyone will be dead, or lazier, or more depressed, or more happy, or more loving.

I believe true peace comes from dancing with pure chaos.

While the human condition typically swims between the dance of finding peaceful moments that fulfil and indivudal with chaotic “out-of-control” elements of life, there is typically a “I do this for me” to find that peaceful equillibrum, and the “why does this happen to me” when there’s chaotic disruption.

The best peace keepers have to be the ones that have no choice but having choice taken away from them.

Life shortened by cancer, or by an accident, shortened by the disruption caused by someone else that takes the things we love away, that we’ll never have back again.

Perhaps in the way of loss of motor function, or the death of a loved one.

Perhaps it’s in the removal of freedom. Or the forced capture/kidnapping that goes against all one values of life and the living.

Peace keepers have found the inner-understanding that all in the world is as it is.

Peace keepers find a balance between sadness, acceptance and bliss that keeps the humility within strong.

When the light seems to shrink, it is when they look towards that have less, have without or have even left that reconnects back to the balance.

Movements and modalities that we attract to give our lives meaning is understood as a distraction. To swim in the discomfort of knowing that all could infact be random.

There is no greater meaning to a life shortened just as much as there is all the meaning in the world to why that life must shorten.

A peacekeeper floats in the veil of the inbetween here.

The world will implode tomorrow, and it will also give birth.

Millions of lives will be lost, and millions more will evolve.

All we have is here. All we have is the dance, the knowing, the questions, the acceptance.

We are at peace that we are not dead until then when we are dying.

Is it best to remain ignorant until the dying occurs? Or is it a gift to be at peace to the dying before the dying actually begins?

I believe in the latter.

I believe that your life around you impacts differently with this understanding.

And when the darkness takes hold, it takes the peace of others who have lost far more than you have to bring you back to the light. To the path of peace, until the time of dying is upon us.

Peace keeps us humble, gifts others love, and shows us who we truly are deep within.