What’s the secret to living in this pre-made world?

Is it to figure out what you want to do in this life via the education system?

Is it to pursue in role models and model them striving to exceed their achievements?

The creative in us all stems from our ability to imagine, to dream.

To bring the “what ifs” into reality.

We are born painters, our thoughts our paintbrush, our imagination the canvas.

Do you remember the last time you could ever play with your toys again? I do.

Do you remember the disappointment you felt when you couldn’t “play” using your imagination anymore? I do.

What killed the kid in us? And is it dead, or is it dormant?

The most lost and depressing moments of my life coincides with the same era of having put to sleep my imagination.

In this case, my writing, my ability to imagine and create.

Those lost, who hit a bottom that then determines if life is worth continuing or if their story cuts short, is determined here.

Typically we gravitate towards a “hope” however we see it, some of us find it in the stories and symbolic resonace that falls under spirituality, others religion, others find it through people.

All these share one key element.

They are inspired by imagination.

The road back to Self, the Self we knew as children is, imagination itself.

The Journey After The Imagined Recovers

Typically we have a rebellious nature to “what is”.

Life doesn’t “feel right”.

Whether it’s in our job, in our homes, in our relationships… we tend to question “why?”

Just as we did as children, we bring back the curiosity of our imagination.

Imagination births curiousity, and curiousity either expands with exploration, or is extinguished by the closed mindedness of individuals surrounding. Not because they want to hurt you, but because they don’t want to be hurt themselves.

For exploration leads to a treasure that completely throws out a reality that we have built, trading in time that we can never get back.

Imagine living 50 years of your life to then discover that the routes and beliefs you took, were (to place it in brief) unnecessary.

That is a reality, to a lot of people, is harder to face then the very inevitable death that awaits them.

The world becomes “bleak” when we become pioneers to explore the unknown, the “what else could have been possible.”

We may even harbour a distaste to the way the world works, the subtle manipulation of following a “rule” of schoolings that had a high chance to supress our imagination, and lean us towards more roles that benefit society, an economy as a whole.

To join the workforce and to “side hobby” our imagination.

This distaste could eventually lead into a rebellion, the desire to be attracted towards anything and everything that challenges the system as a whole.

To take on stories as truths because it solidifes this distaste to the world presented before them, robbing them of their imagination.

And now their imagination has latched onto these stories that showcase as truths and at the core of it, is simply burrowing off the imagination of what already exists.

There is no longer a core imaginer, creating and inventing something from scratch.

This is a supressed creative, lost in the art of others, trying to prove their life’s purpose subjecting onto others by stories of what’s established already.

The Alternative to The Recovered Imagination

But what if that part of us was healed? What if we then again took another deep plunge into exploring a new unknown.

We realise that even these realms are completely made up, by these realms, spirituality, religion, scientology, theocracy and anything else that “is”.

We then realise that rather than challenging these existences and combatting them with other “half-truths” we think are “full-truths”, we leverage off them and alchemise these with imagination to create an evolution of what is possible.

This is a veil of truth that is accepted by all.

You transform and glide through each with an open-mind without judgement and then you figure out how you can make something out of nothing from what’s already there.

The greatest business solutions and inventions play in this space.

The world evolves into a giant playground, you see that everyone is playing a game.

Some are harmless, playing with materials that do not harm the world, others play with people’s lives.

Some are leading towards worldly breakthroughs, and others worldly destruction.

But you, the imaginer, are beyond death.

You live in the now, in the imagination of what’s possible.

You don’t care for the what if of “things falling apart”, or that your life is damaged.

You have transcended legacy.

Because legacy itself is a philosopher’s stone, where one still tries to beat death through a means of immortality by being remembered for so long.

And even in the pursuit of this, the death-defier is lost to trying to defeat the inevitable death.

And in this pursuit has forgotten to live, to enjoy the company of others, the playground of the world.

They have turned close relationships into distant memories, and hide their half-truths inside of addictions in the form of collections.

Legacy is a myth. Even the story of the greats in history will also face death.

Their stories will be snuffed out, once humanity is gone.

The Imagination Ignited

So we come to the conclusion of this piece.

Where we have come to learn that true imagination is living life like a dream, to be a pioneer of sorts and rather than combatting and challenging what exists, we compliment them, we evolve them. To cater for the imagination and the growth of individuals and each other.

We do not fear death, we do not fear the “what if.”

We are demi-gods, potentially gods themselves being one with mind, one with keyboard, one with expression.

We dream through life, we create solutions, we invent discoveries, and we live in the creations not as a memory of the creator, but as a memoir inside of that was created, that has dominoed into the lives of those that benefit from your imagination.

There is no greater humility then being at peace knowing that what you did, impacted someone’s lives who will never ever know the existence of you, not even by name.

That is truth.