I think about where to start here, knowing very well that every single person who would come across this would have some form of confliction with the word. An internal battle challenging that they are not vs justifing with reason to why they are not.

Greed is one of those things that we can’t ever not be.

How it shows up, on the different ends of the economical scale, to the individual is still felt the same way.

Those who are born into wealth could see not aquring further as a sign of outcast amongst the network they are apart of.

Those who only knew hard work to build wealth, to start from nothing or very little, but potentially a lot to the generation before who left them with a house, or a $100,000 after a life hard-lived.

To those who are born with security, food, and accomodities.

That’s my generation.

Then to those who struggle to have clean water, food and shelter.

Is greed truly evil?

For the first: Greed grants validation
For the second: Greed grants security
For the third: Greed grants survival

It may seem like I’m in support of greed, that it would seem like it could be recognised as a human condition, though I’m not too certain.

I hope to come to the discovery of my own conclusion around the topic as I write this up.

To me, greed I feel is necessary and should be reserved only for the third group. Survival.

Before I explain why I feel this, I need to note that I believe greed is the side-effect of the world and it’s operations.

We find priveligage in the most basic of comforts without possibly ever putting a thought into it.

Somebody had to come up with the idea of the keyboard, the way my fingers feel with every key pressed that aids to my comfort. Someone had to observe it’s manurfacting, likewise the table my laptop perches on, the chair my toosh rests upon.

Even the electricity that is granted to me at the flick of the switch. Somebody most likely building their own security and possibly even in survival are doing the work, so that I can harness comfort for my existence.

If I had the option for all of this taken away from me? Would my gut say okay, or not be okay with this? Isn’t that a sign of greed?

I often miss the open-world where my greed would show up in the form of a nice Osprey backpack and financial security as I venture the world happy to not be judgemental about the roof that’s over my head, the bed I sleep in, or the shower I have.

Yet these are priveligages I am okay with because I have security of financial and belongings.

I am coming to the realisation, greed is embodied across all 2, survival and security.

I come to the conclusion that these two groups are just enough, to function in this world.

Perhaps because survival and security is about self.

But at what expense?

It’s true, that you don’t need a lot to have security and to survive in terms of money.

In fact, you could barter services and time to have enough to give you these two provided you.

It’s not uncommon knowledge anymore to know those with less, also have more in other areas, and those with more show “signs” of dysfunction in other areas, whether publically or not.

Now for validation.

This I’m uncertain about.

Do those that have tasted success, harbour a need to be acknowledged? Do they need to be signified that wealth now demonstrates a power and to action and validate that power?

Is this then greed? Or something else?

To find what I’m searching for, I need to look inward on my own journey.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I have known what more than enough wealth for one looks like.

I have tasted it’s grips of ‘betterment’ in it’s fine wine, and well-presented, dressed-up dishes to make them look like the burlesque of cusine. In that it looks so gooooood, you pay an for really, just a tasty meal. Undress this and, you have a vegetable accompanied with jewlery (compliments) and the art of knowing how to tug serotonin without actually doing anything but be presented, clothed in a way that drools fantasy.

Then the bill comes out.

Though these experiences are nontheless experiences. They are as inauthentic as most things.

And they present the requirement to pull in the validator, and to boost the validation.

This is one, of many examples, and there really isn’t a need to explore them all.

I want to see the damage of this.

Perhaps for some it’s an anger of the system they were brought up in. They could see how much they can get for themselves, and don’t care the cost to get it.

I recall sitting at a venture capital board meeting, where conversation about my business came up.

I’ll never forget about how in this space, there are a lot of people who “play” with the livlihoods of what others have created, to topple them completely down, not only to make a significant amount of wealth, but to also get a “kick” out of ruining other entrepreneurs.

For me, besides realising that I’ll always play in the background of business to avoid these maniacs as much as I could, I did also realise that regardless of how “sick” one’s mind could become, if you crack the money-making code (which to be honest isn’t a hard code to crack) – Learn and love sales, sell a solution to an obvious problem, then out-perform delivery of what you promised. Rinse and repeat and expand because of this… anyone has the right and privelege to operate.

Often people look up in awe to these “business greats” but all they did was play in the space where BIG MONEY could be traded. Real estate, Law, Eccommerce, Automobiles, Space, Tech.

Big money-making industries = big lifestyle faster.

It also means if there are people who just enjoy the gamble with a disregard for life and the other two classes, they then must come to a point, where they don’t care about people. Not really. Greed almost becomes a game for the third group of people.

Greed avoids people facing the issues of self.

Greed so strong, so preoccuping of the individual, their life around them becomes foreign, manipulating their following, and aiming to not only be recognised, but be clouded in the fog of who they are.

Children grow up without fathers or mothers, friends celebrate the key secrets of living all while these people, and their unresolved rooted innates, keep repeating their actions in a world that doesn’t actually care about them.

I can’t see greed being a need for the top group, to me, I see if greed exists in these, their behaviours are just a trauma-response.

To be acknowledged, to be validated, to be kept so busy that they don’t face the hard-truth, they are no better than anyone else, they are just another human being, they will eventually die, and that people don’t actually love them for who they are, just for what they have created.

Thier identity becomes the validation machine they have created.

We see it in the billionaires, covered up through their innovations, yet these innovations will progress without them. It may have started with them, but it will continue without them.

Innovations require a genius for a short time to get the ball rolling, then they are just individuals floating around, no use, but cannot be fired.

Then there’s the entire aspirations of wanting to be like this.

Another memory recall is getting into these little hidden side pockets at Crown Casino in Melbourne, where you need to either be or be with a member who has the privelege to enter these areas (at the time I went in with someone who had that privlege and personally the casino is the last place I’d like to be, but fitting for the topic we are exploring) where starting bets would be between $1500-$10,000.

It’s the underwhelming expressions of obvious beggings of meeting eyes who are desperately looking for a need of acknowledgement. Caught up in their eyes, once-filled with such universal love, now full of broken marriage and families, lost friendships and a story that manipulates people into their presence with a (you need me) vs (you want to be around me) air about them.

Greed prolongs innovation.

The greedy in this category are obsessed with legacy the false illusion they will continue to exist even long after their body has decayed, and it would not surprise me if every one of them would want to find immortality so they can witness and live throughout their legacy. An incepetion of narccisim perhaps?

Probably what solidifies my certainty that greed for the validation class is more a trauma-response vs a human condition, is that social economics proves that in order to produce more and more wealth, more and more people must burn and work harder somewhere else.

And you must be willing to be okay with this.

Nobody needs that level of wealth for themselves, and if you have the ability to create such wealth, you have the ability to recycle it back into the world, to the same people that invested with you, no matter how big or small.

That should be the ultimate goal, a recycled production of innovation. Though in most cases, as we have seen through the ages, this is not what we end up with, and we may never will.

A few charities here and there, with slow progression and innovation. A “milking” of sorts before the next privelige is allowed back into the world.

“Oh the world is getting better and better everyday. AKA we want to milk this experience for myself for as long as I can, before we face the issue at hand.”

I’ll finish this up for now here. As I’ll explore greed and these three areas, witness them, talk about them, I’m not completely married on the idea that it’s this black and white, well nothing ever really is.

But I do think the only right to greed as the human condition is when you require to survive (to eat), and partial to secuirty (a roof over your head) and comfort.

For the above, I can’t see how greed could be a good thing for them, even for the little philantrophy they create.

To be continued…