“I want freedom”. An expression mostly everyone will say one way or another, multiple times in their lives.

It will show up in the forms of financial, relationship, of thoughts of the mind.

But what is it really? This will be my exploration through word, to see what I can uncover from deep within.

The longing of expression of deepest self.

We can find freedom in financials, freedom in belief, freedom in spirit, freedom in ideology.

I have been obsessed with the idea to be liberated from constraints of construction in all of its forms.

For a very long time, I thought I had been “sick”. I only knew that of which my environment would show me. I had a belief if you weren’t born into it, it was never going to be achieved.

Life looked linear. Linear didn’t sit well with me.

All indications of my behaviours, my thinking, and my questioning pointed desperation to the freedom I was longing.

But it bottled within me, like a volcano bubbling at the inevitable truth, that eruption and chaos was to unravel. The chackled free-thinker mutates into an outcast. Lack of education, knowledge became the baby elephant chained it’s all life, until that chain was removed, and freedom still wasn’t possible.

The view obviously in front of me, by the eyes of others, and yet no sound from their mouth could ever convince me that, that it could be a truth.

Obsession for freedom, to a mutated free-thinker leads to solitude within death itself. You cannot begin to fathom the liberating taste of freedom thinking about death brings upon to the mutated free-thinker.

The longing is not escape, the longing is towards freedom.

The taste of it becomes so sweet, when the volcano does blow, while everyone is running, you, with open arms embrace the bursts of lava trajectoring towards you knowing the moment it touches your skin, there is no burn.. Just relief.

And yet, every single person in this position will have the opportunity of one of two experiences.

In between the lava lead by physicis of burst and gravity, in the space between that trajectory, you will be presented an epiphany, a sensation of freedom that only on the edge of death you could ever be gifted to experience.

It is the freedom, the peace you were longing for so long, it is given to you. It courses through your entire being and body. You meet God, however that looks like for you. You meet and become God. Your human self completely liberated. You are the relief without the lava touching your skin. The deed has been done.

Death has occured, and your body did not have to physically perish to achieve death, the mutated free-thinker reverses. At the last second, with ease, you step to the left and the lava lands to the side.

The other opportunity, tears stream down your face as acceptance reigns through your entire being. No step is taken, the lava lands on you, and you enter a new realm of experience that the first will still have to learn. You leave behind an echo from your decision, and the mutation dies and most likely carries on with you, while gifting itself an attachment to all those you love.

Neither are wrong, both are right.

Freedom is liberation, in my experience, dying into life is like finding a hack for the remaining years of my life. The concept of time has been erased, beauty is founded on every little detail my senses pick up. With the sensory overload, seconds, feel like months. I am a hundred and twenty going on two hundred. You see me as 32 years old.

If I were to be placed in the situation again and again, I would beg to repeat the same linear routes that will end my life in one of these two decisions. And I would hope with all my heart, I would always pick the first.

I can’t imagine a more rewarding experience to best death and life the after life alive.

This is freedom.

The ripple affect of creation, art, money, relationships, family and all things intertwined with a sense of “moving away” from these surface level shackles, they naturally fall off.

You can work very hard gaining all of these things and find Freedom later in life, or achieve it early on, and watch how easy it is to free yourself from all these shackles that hold us back.

That volcano exists only in thy self.

That lava too.

We do not need to physically die, to internally die.

That is what it takes to take us to 2.0, 3.0 all the way through to 7.0, beyond Genesis lies the secrets of all.

The 8.0. Inception of Freedom, multi-lateral in dimension.

Available for all.