book one

The Space Between Matter

What came first... You.. or the universe?

The Space Between Matter is currently a work in progress.

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The official cover of the book is in production. The current image is for mockup purposes only.***

About the book

And just like that, from the moment the book opened, nothing was to ever be the same again.

What is The Space Between Matter? Or the better question; who?

In this fictional re-write of the universe you will uncover a deep introspective side to you like never before.

A side that has been longing for you to experience, awaiting your permission.

To understand the world in a unique and refreshing light, we must go back to a time without time, before where it all begins.

The Space Between Matter is the very first entry into The Children of Tomorrow Series designed to conceptualise unique perspectives about life, specifically around the human condition through a beautifully-woven story, rich with metaphor, lessons and insights as you unfold the universe.

This book taps not only into the complexity of life, but the complete beauty of its very nature and why, you, the reader, are more special than you could ever imagine.

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