The CDY Timeline



1.0 Origins

From as young as I can remember I questioned everything that ever was. I had begun to develop a distaste to the reality that was presenting and shaping around me.

As I became a teenager I had truly disconnected to my imagination as I became apart of the expectation of my society, community and social status.

The very first version of me had begun filling his life with alcohol, hiding behind waves of insecurity and depression.

I found solace in being distracted amongst hundreds of friends to mask the darkness that was accumulating within me.

I had a job I hated, I had many regrets, and in the end, I found myself in a corner I couldn't get out of.

Eventually, the end did come, but not in the way I thought it was supposed to.

In fact it lead me to a two day transformation.

And it was here, that my life started unravelling, all of my habits were different simply because I didn't care about anything anymore.

No more care on judgement, on being, on my worries, my insecurities, because I was already dead.

During this point and up until what I thought would be my final moments, I saw the world differently.

It was a Wednesday morning when I had realised I didn't show up for work, I didn't tell anybody where I was as I found myself admiring just a little waterfall, nothing grand about it, but it was liberating and I had a taste of true freedom into the wind.

I thought "What else could I experience before it's all over?"

This lead me to just see the beauty of everything that was happening around me, to drive where ever my intuition would take me, something I had never really done before.

Between watching interactions, listening to sounds, nature, animals, and tasting food in a way I never had before as I became one with all these experiences, the end was still prominent in my mind.

It was that night, lying on a bed in a room I booked within a little town called Woodend where I had an epiphany so surreal, I've never experienced anything before or still to this day quite like it.

This experience had me leave my body and make my way up to the tip of the atmosphere as I looked back at Earth in absolute wonder.

From here I saw myself back on earth, but this time a ball of electricity making it's way across the world.

I felt god-like when it came to happiness.

When I came back I new I wasn't me anymore. Well this version of me, and I had purpose again, to find that feeling and have it with me forever.

I dedicated an entire poem for this self-image which you can find in my Everything Life segments called Origins.


The origin story that lead to the metaphorical death waiting for me and the epiphany for a new future.

2.0 Resurrection

A new purpose was now present.

The Seeker of Happiness was what I called myself.

To find the very feeling I experienced within my Epiphany on my final days of CDY 1.0.

A second chance for life.

People thought I had to be on drugs because I came back anew. 

That's what purpose does to you.

Between the ages of 21-26

These were my self-development years.

It took two years on a path of discovery.

For all I could think about everyday was unlocking that god-like feeling again. I became obsessed to try and feel that again.

This pursuit eventually lead me to find the man who would become my mentor for life.

Ten years older he embodied traits and a reality I wanted.

I apprenticed under him while starting a business.

Across 3 years, I dived deep into my subconscious and worked through my pain and trauma.

I discovered a spirituality to living and crafted my understanding about the self, identity and psychology of the mind and individual.

It is in this version I also suddenly lost my mother to an erupted aneurysm at 23 years old, and this is the self-image where I tapped into Death embracing all of it's layers and refusing to avoid it or bury it within me. It's this depth I found the beauty and chaos of it and how I am able to express deep perspectives of living.



A new perspective on reality. A new pilgrimage to discover that happiness I felt. The Seeker of Happiness.

3.0 Reincarnation

At 26 I had hit another transmutation.

I found myself in a relationship toxic in development from both parties and my insecurities of my body, my masculinity became now apparent.

My ego had called for a woman who 'needed to be fixed' and this was my demise.

For I showed her a world that I still did not fully understand, and a monster of a relationship had formed.

Our bodies are incredibly receptible to chaos.

At the time I lived in the denial of being cheated on, (though I have different opinions about what cheating is now) It was a denial that lead into a sickness called Cluster Headaches.

If a migraine was 10x worse than a headache, a Cluster was 100x worse than a migraine.

These are also called suicide headaches, for reasons you can guess...

Everyday the same pain in the same spot at the same time.

Magic Mushrooms were the only known substance that switched the receptors off that activate the attack.

And so I explored.

Reincarnation is my transformation that 3 doses of mushrooms brought me.

The first dose, I set an intent: 
"Why am I so obsessed with happiness?"

The second dose, I set an intent: 
"What does true love actually look and feel like?"

The third dose, I set an intent:
"I am over this, I just want it to be over."

The first two taught me perspective. The last made me face death yet again.

All 3 journeys can be found here: 

The Seeker of Happiness

Bound By Love

The Brink of Near Death

Upon completion of the 3rd I had discovered so much about the polarity I was to finally cut the distinction between 1.0 and 2.0.

Reincarnation was the evolution into a completely new and reimagined Claudio.

It cut ties to everything my old life was associated with that didn't serve who I had become.

Like a distant story about a boy who was a complete stranger.



Two lives do not make a right. It was the decision to put to rest my past self image. To become anew.

4.0 Integration

CDY 3.0 opened up to a new era of being.

This era was all about grounding and progressing through a systematical world.

Between 26-28 Integrating my new self-image had flowed on with bountiful of potential. I developed a second company with a completely new ambitious direction.

I also reconnected with with my writing again.

Everything you see now was the birth of my reincarnation.

I took on the best parts of my childhood, and equipped my mind with a completely brand new life.

With understandings around death, chaos and love that were not commonly explored, I began to really take my thinking and imagination to new heights.

I had integrated my personal experiences and stepped completely into the new responsibility that now had come with my new life.



With pen to paper I took to my imagination whilst becoming grounded in my new company.

5.0 Revelation

In 2019 My dad passed away. An experience I already had prepared for as his health deteriorated from mum's death to his across 4 years.

With the spiritual and interpersonal understanding of death I've gathered from my mother, I observed the transformation before me.

Two weeks before dying he told me he was going to give me their 25th anniversary ring, and that he did. Which I carry around my neck everywhere I go.

Even through this experience, the denial of death is just as present as is knowing it's not.

We can never truly understand the passing from one world to another, even as it unfolds before us, it is a surreal experience reserved for the passing.

And if we allow ourselves, we can observe this transition in ways beyond emotion.

CDY 5.0 formed right after my birthday, 4 months after my dad died, upon an airplane to an unorganised and unplanned 9 week adventure to Switzerland and Italy.

A dream I set myself at 21 where I would be at 28, without a single clue on how it was supposed to look like, just the 'why.'

This trip symbolised the origins of my parents, as I explored their past lives and the state of true freedom.

Revelation is being able to experience what so many men and women go through their entire business and career lives to potentially never experience...

That is, the freedom to not be tied to a system and yet be able to be more human than ever before.

I landed with no plan or direction except from where I started and where I was to end (to return home).

What I learned as I stayed in hostels, keeping my life identity back home as low-key as possible, that being truly human was all that's left and it showed up in the form of just being in the present, with whoever was in front of me.

The only basic necessity in a moment, is the moment.

It is not even the air you breathe.

For your heart will still pump, your eyes will still see.

At 28 I developed true independence and the outcome of my twenties, my trials.

The humility that had formed within me and how my world was now unfolding, was all a reflection of the chaos and beauty meeting perfectly in complete unison.



At the top of a tower, I reveled in my infinite possibility. The ability to be free of system and expectation.

6.0 Evolution

The journey from 5.0 to 6.0 was short.

Life and growth is like a snow ball effect when you are in flow.

Whether it's knowledge, money, or skill, the compound effect applies to all.

The wave is then the ride.

Evolution was stepping into my completely integrated masculinity.

A balance of feminine and masculine, this self-image was about fine-tuning my romantic qualities.

For so long I focused on my personal and career development I knew that in order to attract a love worthy to share all that I've become, the work in romance and love needed to match the man I had become.

So the work for Evolution commenced. In turn, this also trickled into my business, my network, and the person I was becoming recognised as.

I had become completely responsible for my life, thoughts and actions.

The more I stepped into the evolution, the quieter the world became.

I felt I was becoming Meta in my thinking and being.

I no longer saw the world as big as it was.

I had become truly limitless in my ability to create, and be everything while achieving anything my mind wanted to.



For to be true to who you are it is to be the feminine and masculine at peace and as one.

7.0 Creation

This new self-image evolved with new found purpose and vision.

In fact the entire website, books, and new segment was born from 7.0

My business was growing nicely and reputable and the entity was becoming truly it's own.

Spiral (my company) was no longer my own.

And deep down I knew I had a calling I needed to answer.

And answer I did.

For that was to realise my writing was to finally be an expressive art I wanted the world to see.

To use creative linguistics to assist in the unstuck-thinking of a human mind, to give sight where I travelled to hell looking to perceive the human condition in a very different space. A space that heightens the human experience beyond ritual, emotion and patterns.

The Children of Tomorrow, a series I'm working on bringing to life was born here, the idea and the brand.

I tapped into my creative inspiration and evolved my mission and vision with what I wanted to create, see and be into the world.

Where once the world was barren and dark, it now was a dream of my imagination. Completely painted in colour and translated in language.

For life cannot live be without death and love cannot bloom without chaos.



A successful wanderer is still a wanderer... For vision and purpose bring art to life.

8.0 Ascension

This is where I am today.

Completely in alignment with who I am and how I think.

My self-love heightened upon levels that honour every part of me.

My empathy transcending beyond the desire of assisting and reciprocating validation.

I no longer see myself or people as separate.

There is no just or wrongs in the world. There are only patterns everywhere.

Patterns at fundamental, all void of emotion and in a collective state of delivery.

These states, so powerful in presentation, that the bare bones of emotionless shapes around us are completely blinded to us.

We become emotionally attached to the material of the world we forget they are all bi-products to a moment and nothing more.

There is presence, before there is feeling while we observe shapes.

Humans are not the top of the food chain, nor they ever where.

The world always was above us, and will always be above us.

The eccentric false pleasure the 3 dimensional world attempts to supply to the mind... all stem from thousands of ideas stacking on each other.

It is witnessed, expressed and ideologised through the act of everyday mannerism, capitalism, and materialism. For every 'ism' there is a deeper truth that goes beyond the human feeling it initially generates within us. 

A feeling that either floods our dopamine or spikes our cortisol, hormones blinding the eye due to pleasure and anger.

And in either of these obsessions, the human mind falls short.

The middle however is the sweet spot.

It is in this spot, this space, I reside and choose to reside in. 

It is this space that allows me to see the world for what it is. 

For happiness has been achieved and archived.

Love has been found and embodied.

Peace has been met and friended.

No longer tied to the motion of movement and proving a sense of trickled truths, one party or the other, because all of my truths are non-truths founded by experiences and influence.

Therefore nothing I share, is right.

And yet everything I share, is right.

For duality rules in all things, and I am one and two with dual.

The light and darkness inside me, never to be separate again.

And in this instance, there is no longer fear, no more internal struggle or challenge.

All challenges are dreams waiting to be dreamt, and brought to life in seconds.

Perhaps dimensions beyond the third are but evolutions of consciousness.

This is ascension in action.

This is what I am.



For the world stopped becoming separate. It was in complete unison of duality did I become me.


Understanding self image and how to create your own

Self Images are a way to self-analyse and upgrade versions of yourself that do not serve you any longer. The human mind dances with the functionality of the brain to create perspective in a world that actually isn't supposed to make sense from the day that you were born.

Combined ideology creates the versions of us that compound in experiences we have lived through. Therefore, just like computer software, we have the ability to reprogram and create newer and better versions of ourselves.

To create a self-image is to recognise your acceptance of deep change, to write and aspire to who you want to become, and act on the direction for growth and change.

Every time this milestone is achieved in your life, so too do the numbers go up. This is a practice I have embodied since my early 20s and it has led me to the man I am today, in spite of suffering have achieved profound growth. I hope you too may embody this form of progressive recognition.










The Books That Taught Me Life



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