A Collection of Written Creativity

Step into a space, where my thoughts become words to the conditions that afflict us all. From evolution to societal expectations, we overdose with intellect that imprints upon messy selves.

This is a sanctuary of my imagination, a collection of experiences creatively expressed. 

As you explore my creative pieces, you will be accompanied with music that you may wish to play to immerse into my world a little more.

For I write from a heart that bleeds curiosity and suffering.

Kindling with the times I've questioned, as we all do, why must we experience life the way we do?

The search for that answer takes us to the ending we all find ourselves in..

That our experiences lead us to moments in our lives, not for ourselves, but the impact we create upon others.

So for a moment, may you find solitude in my craft, to lend you a little or a lot, as much as you need, whatever you take from it..

And may you

The Space Between Matter

Embark on a revolutionary story that re-imagines the universe in a way never before presented.

200 million years before the big bang, lies an untold story.

In this fictional recreation of the universe, you'll experience the missing loophole to a science that has no answer, as you dive deep into the reasoning behind existence itself.

The Space Between Matter is a story highlighting the everyday challenges and acceptance of what it is to be human as it gifts the reader introspective thought that does not come commonly explored.

Through Claudio's unique expressive writing, become fully immersed into the re-write of evolution as your mind indulges in the beauty of language while you journey through a completely fresh outlook into your existence.

Book cover is a mockup and not the final iteration**
The Space Between Matter
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About Claudio

claw · dee · yo

Creative Writer. Imagination Lover. Passionate about The Human Condition and its Expression.

I, like most, lived in my imagination as a child. I Created worlds where only space existed. At the age of 7 I was given a typewriter and it was here where my worlds became real. I wrote never ending stories that heightened momentary experiences. From machine to books, I eventually let go of my imagination and spiraled into a world of pain and mundane. My road back to my roots have been filled with challenges, adversity and life-changing experiences. It is here where I share my psyche so that you can see where the depth of my creativity truly aspires from.

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